Gerald Freeman


Gerald and his wife Linda rode into the equestrian community just short of their 50th birthdays. Having been invited to participate in a five hour trail ride searching for wild mustangs and burros, they decided to get some ‘saddle time’ prior to embarking on this daunting endeavor. For Linda, it was the realization of a lifelong dream to learn to ride. For Gerald, it was an opportunity to add one more experience in life.

Arriving in brand new cowboy boots, hats, jeans, and shirts, it took all the willpower available for the stable hands to control their laughter. For Gerald and Linda, it was a rude introduction to the concept of ‘saddle–sore’ and a magical moment.

Gerald Freeman

Currently, Gerald and Linda have been acquired by five horses ranging from a feisty Mustang Mare to a gentle, albeit mischievous, Percheron Gelding. As avid trail riders, gymkhana competitors, and friends of gravity, horses have become a central focus in their lives and equine issues of major concern.

Gerald is currently the Webmaster for several local stables, gymkhana clubs, and equine related businesses. He is also a California Gymkhana Association Judge and wears his riding helmet religiously.

A free-lance consultant specializing in software and web site design and development, Gerald Freeman focuses on bridging the gap between business (“Suits”) and technology (“Twinkie-eaters”). As a “facilitator of dialog” (a gregarious extrovert), Gerald is able to extract detailed requirements and business rules from clients and end users (i.e. ‘what is said vs. what is meant).

Gerald Freeman was founder and President of Functional Solutions Group, Inc., a Microsoft Certified Partner engaged in designing and developing functional solutions for business, industry and education.

Gerald brings a wealth of experience to any endeavor. Graduating from the University of Rochester, New York in 1972 with a BA in Biology, he studied percussion at the Eastman School of Music and over the years appeared with various groups including the New Jersey Philharmonic. From there, Gerald attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and received a license to practice medicine in 1981.

Doing Homework

After practicing podiatric medicine for a period of time, Gerald elected to pursue a long held dream and moved to the Caribbean, there to earn his US Coast Guard 500-ton Master's Certificate and achieve some small notoriety as an underwater photographer. He was known as "Captain Gerald" to the many divers who sailed with him on the Cayman Aggressor, Bay Islands Aggressor, Sea Dancer, and other vessels. Not wishing to loose valuable 'diving time', he turned his attention to computer programming to automate the tedious paperwork that accompanies every job anywhere. While still a working captain, Gerald developed and implemented computerized operations for dive boats throughout the world. Thereafter, he returned to the States and began his programming career on a full time basis.

Gerald currently works for the Ocean Institute in Dana Point chasing school children around majestic tall ships as a living history instructor. He can be found in 1835 California or the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge.

Gerald has worked as a radio 'disc-jockey', a deep-sea submersible pilot and a track-side medic in professional motor sports. He has taught photography, hyperbaric and emergency medicine and trained SCUBA divers and instructors, And as of this moment, every horse he rides becomes his teacher and reminds him just how little he knows about anything.