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Virus Alert - Get the FACTS

New Cases in San Diego and Monterey County

There has been much information AND misinformation regarding an outbreak of Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy caused by EHV-1.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is keeping a close watch on the situation AND posting the latest updated information here.

Here are the FACTS...

For the latest up-to-date information, go to the California Department of Food and Agriculture web site and read the most current news and information.

There has been a lot of misinformation and a lot of panic posted in emails and on the web ... PLEASE Get the FACTS!

Defend our right to vote on the Ridgeline Project

  • Community volunteers successfully qualified a referendum that allows citizens the right to vote on preserving recreational open space in Orange.
  • The Ridgeline developer tries to stop the November vote and move forward with their development.



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Save the Date

Increasingly, recreational trails are coming under pressure.

Many of us have been active as "trails advocates" for many years (this August, Trails4All turns 20!), but the pressure from environmental purists who simply want to close areas to recreation; developers* who want to build on their lands; and more recently, municipalities and agencies looking to increase their tax base, the pressure on trails is unrelenting. (*I'll note here that developers, in recent years, and in some areas, have become more friend than foe...)

Unbelievably, with all of that pressure, we from the recreational trails community, choose to squabble amongst ourselves... Non-motorized vs. motorized. Hikers & equestrians vs. mountain bicyclists. X-country mountain bicyclists vs. down hillers. Locals vs. outlanders. ...

If you and your friends and family enjoy trails, invest in the future and plan to join us at this important event! (Oh, and please sign-up for our ride-hike-bike-run event on that Saturday 4/21!)

2012 California Trails & Greenways Conference

April 18 to 20, 2012 * Woodland Hills Marriott

Call for Session Proposals * Award Nominations

Sponsor & Exhibit Information NOW Available Online


Celebrating 27-years of service to California’s trail professionals and volunteers!

With a regional population of over 10 million, trails may not be the first amenity that comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles. But this metropolis, so rich in diversity of all types, is home to a large and ever-expanding network of trails. From the inner city parks where trails and fitness amenities are being added as a means of supporting their communities' health and well-being; to trails in the wildlands of the Santa Monica Mountains, Angeles National Forest and other protected spaces -- the LA trails community is actively engaged in hosting a conference that will have something for everyone!

Let Your Voice Be Heard

ECOC meets at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of each month at Giracci Vineyards. Click Here for information and directions.

What Can I Do? Read on ...

Please download this petition for the OC Fairgrounds Equestrian Center. We are asking for your help to collect signatures and information. Give them to family, friends, groups, anyone who can gather signatures. Go door to door, stand in front of supermarkets, now is our chance and your opportunity to serve.Print both the petition and the supplemental data sheet and have people fill out both.

Please return them ASAP to: ECOC 25201 Trabuco Road Lake Forest, CA 92630

Also there is a place to add your name or the name of your organization so we can track those that have helped in this effort.
Good luck and thank you in advance for your hard work.

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Providing a Unified Voice concerning issues which enhance, affect, or threaten the equestrian lifestyles in Orange County

The Equine Coalition of Orange County exists to monitor, inform, respond, and support the interests of the equestrian community. Active members of ECOC are active members of the equestrian community.

The Equestrian coalition of Orange County is committed to maintaining our equestrian lifestyle. This includes keeping existing equestrian centers and working to get new equestrian facilities and trails.

Areas of Concern

Areas of concern include land-use, trail maintenance, equine safety, protecting current stable property, and encouraging the creation of new stables and facilities for the equine community.

A Girl and her Horse Ongoing Projects

  • Emergency Evacuation Program
  • Uniform Standard of Care
  • Watershed Management - Santa Ana Riverbed
  • Public Relations

What's News at ECOC ...

With the launching of our new web site, we will be posting information on many areas of interest to the equine community. Copies of presentations, reports on developing issues and efforts. Check back often and see what's new and what's news.

YOU make the difference!

ECOC is it's members! We welcome your input and comments. Tell us how our web-site can help you support, defend, and expand the equestrian lifestyle in Orange Count. Thank you for stopping by. Canter on back soon.

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